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Hi I'm Roza.

I am a CPA coach, author, and your financial guide.

Over the past 30 years I have delivered value to business, demystified financials for key business decision makers to build, strengthen, and elevate their financial expertise. I have also established robust financial management practices, processes, and procedures within businesses.

You may be thinking gosh that sounds very technical and corporate, and you would be right.


Roza Bann, CPA

Bachelor of Commerce

Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA)

Certificate of Transpersonal Coaching


This means I have the technical skills, knowledge, and experience to help you make sense of anything with a $ in front of it.

I’m on a mission to apply this wealth of knowledge to personal finances and money management - to help you achieve balance and harmony with your money.

I know what it’s like to struggle with money because I’ve been there myself. Despite having technical expertise, I faced many challenges and setbacks in my personal finances.

These struggles have been invaluable teachers where I have come to realise money is not just about numbers and transactions. In order to have balance and harmony in our financial world, it is so important to also embrace our mind, heart, and spirit. My experience is that when these are out of alignment, we feel stressed, frustrated, and unfulfilled.

This is why I developed a holistic and balanced approach to personal finances, helping you align your financial decisions with your values, intentions, and natural tendencies.

I believe money is a tool for living a meaningful and joyful life, and I want to help you discover how to use it wisely and confidently.

As your financial guide, I will provide you with financial clarity, practical skills, and positive energy. You will also embark on a transformative journey balancing the pragmatic and the soulful aspects of your life.

Together, we will create a personalised plan which suits your needs, goals, and preferences. You will learn how to manage your money effectively, improve your relationship with money, and achieve your financial dreams.

I offer a zero judgement and safe space for you to explore your money story, challenges, and opportunities. I’m here to support, empower, and celebrate you.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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"With my wealth of business experience, I can offer you invaluable insights to enhance the management of your personal finances. Beyond the numbers, I am your trusted partner and confidante. I work with you to set and achieve goals, conquer challenges, and develop healthy financial habits. I am here to provide support and motivation as you navigate your financial journey." ~ Roza Bann

Praise for Roza

Roza is unique in the world of finance, bringing together her strategic and analytical skills with natural intuitive abilities, able to approach the topic of money from a truly holistic perspective. She is highly empathic, listens very deeply and is the person you want on your side, being spiritually connected and practically oriented at the same time.
Jenny McFadden. Sydney, Australia.
Although managing one’s finances can be overwhelming for some of us, Roza has distilled this overwhelming topic down into bite size (and intuitive) ideas. I'm applying her concept to my business and already seeing results!
Ramona Taylor, NBC-HWC. CA, United States.
Roza has a knack for discovering and challenging me to overcome my limiting beliefs and habits, which held me back from financial success. With her insightful and intuitive nature, Roza has boosted my confidence, provided me with clarity, and empowered me with new perspectives. Thanks to Roza, I have improved my financial literacy, created realistic budgets, and am on the road towards achieving financial success on my terms. I highly recommend Roza to anyone who wants to improve their finances and achieve their goals.

Kate E., Entrepreneur. Brisbane, Australia.

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"I am passionate about supporting and empowering you to improve your relationship with money, because life without having your personal finances in order is a soul-sucking experience robbing us of the true essence of life." ~ Roza Bann

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