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Eight incredible women and I share personal stories of transformation as well as intuitive art, poetry and photography which will inspire you to connect with your inner creative flow and intuition in our book called “The Seed of Intuition: A Collection of Wishes, Stories, Poems, and Art for Personal Transformation”.

The chapters are wide and varied, there’s something for everyone. We explore what intuition is and isn't, as well as how to tune-in to and play intuitive games to help strengthen your intuitive connection and get your own messages. Some of the stories will make you laugh; some make you cry; others inspire – and yet all will ask you to recognise and boldly step into the divinity of who you really are.

Our book is one of a series of 3 books published together, called The Seed Series curated by Steph Ritz. Each takes a different look at the seeds we have within, that is, Seed of Potential, Seed of Destiny, and Seed of Intuition. Our book is called “The Seed of Intuition”.

Hopefully you enjoy our books as much as we loved creating them, and if so, we would really appreciate your review on Amazon.

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